Past Events

2019 N-Wave Stakeholders Summit

2019 N-Wave Stakeholders and Science Engagement Summit, July 9-11, David Skaggs Research Center, Boulder, Colorado

N-Wave Stakeholders and Science Engagement Summit
July 9 - 11, 2019

David Skaggs Research Center
US Department of Commerce Boulder Labs
Boulder, CO


2019 Agenda

Review the full 2019 program, including the detailed agenda and speaker information.

2019 Agenda


Who Should Attend

The N-Wave Stakeholders and Science Engagement Summit is a gathering of NOAA leaders, campus technology coordinators, data producers, data managers, information security officers, network engineers, researchers, scientists, system administrators, and N-Wave's partners from the scientific, research and education networking community.

About the Summit

The theme of the 2019 event, From the Campus to the Cloud, provided visibility into the many layers – campus, metro and wide area networks and associated data transfer methods – that facilitate science and data exchange at every level across NOAA.

The 2019 summit offered attendees opportunities to:

1. Gain insight into the multiple NOAA and partner network infrastructures that enable data exchange among NOAA, the scientific community and the world.
2. Share about line office and program initiatives that may present new challenges and opportunities in leveraging shared network resources.
3. Explore topics ranging from data transfer optimization and process flow to N-Wave's latest capabilities and services.


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